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漁群豐富Lan Yu from Taitung southeast of the sea 49 nautical miles, an area of about 45 square kilometers, under the Taitung County, Taiwan's second largest subsidiary of the island. Island population of about 4,300 people, actually live more than 3,000 people. Lan Island Island, although the area is small, but the island's fertile natural ecology, but contains the Yamei / Dawu people rich traditional knowledge and enough to extend the life of resources, like a natural museum. In the southwestern part of the island of Lantau Island, there is also an uninhabited little Lantau Island, is the Kuroshio must pass by. Although the rich fishery, but in the past for the military artillery test site, with many taboos and legends, residents only to catch flying fish will go.

蘭嶼島From the air overlooking the Kuroshio in the Kuroshio North Channel on the island of the island, surrounded by clear blue ocean, the ocean is the Yami / Dawu people rely on the survival of a variety of fish; land is the forest forest days of the wilderness, where The growth of man-made boat construction of the tree, there is a piece of size is not enough to extend the life of the Lanzhou people taro and sweet potato fields. This space clearly depicts the Yamei / Dawu people's life areas, constitute the tribe and the mountain and the sea of life culture, closely maintaining the Yamei / Dawu lifeblood. Yamei / Dawu people in the island on the island after hundreds of years of life experience, the development of people and nature close harmony with the sustainable relationship.



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