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Lanzhou eco - tourism tourists note
珠光鳳蝶Lan Yu in 1967 officially lifted the mountain control opening to the outside world, in early 1970, tourists began to enter the Lantau, Dawu people began to contact the mainstream society, as the Dawu people contact with the outside world is not long, Traffic restrictions on outlying islands. Lanzhou has never suffered serious damage to the natural ecological environment, and the traditional culture of the Dawu family is well preserved. There are still many elderly people still follow the traditional values ​​and lifestyles, The humble faith of the sea. Because of this, all we can enjoy the beauty and mystery of nature when we go to Lantau, you can appreciate the experience of the mainstream and Taiwan's great value of the Dawu culture, which is worthy of treasure and pay to help save the priceless treasure. In order to fully experience the unique ecological and cultural resources of Lanyuan, in order to create sustainable development of the Lantau eco-tourism industry, in order to let the blue island ecotourism process to leave more good memories, and worthy of pride and responsible behavior, to remind You should pay attention to things.

珊瑚Cherish nature and protect the environment
Lantau Island has a very rich and precious natural resources, the people of thousands of years to sustainable use of natural resources, lifestyle, so that Lanzhou still retain the original natural style, into the Lan Island, please do not pick, litter , Destroying the natural environment.
◆ Lantau Island, there are many rare and rare animal and plant resources, do not arbitrarily capture, capture, disturb.
◆ According to the provisions of the Taitung County government regulations are strictly prohibited Pucai Lan Island moving, plants, and prohibited to carry out, including: pearl butterfly, coconut crab, podocarpus, persimmon, ivory wood, Phalaenopsis and so on.
◆ There are many hermit crabs in the sea, very cute and very attractive, remember not to leave the seaside.
◆ Do not touch or stamp on coral when snorkeling activities are carried out.



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